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I’m Chewett and a Computer Scientist and am fascinated by nearly every facet of computing and electronics.

Programming is a wonderful way of being able to craft code, to be able to tell a machine to perform some action. This is especially useful when said action needs to be ran 100, 1000 or even a million times. Although this sometimes leads to increased delays in the short run I always learn from this, even if it is merely to take the shorter time to manually complete something.

Although my background in electronics is merely hobby level, I do enjoy projects with my Arduino, and am looking into programming more basic microchips with C.

In my spare time, which is often fleeting, I enjoy gaming and have been playing MagicDuel for nearly 9 years now.  From starting out as a beta tester, I have moved onto running the forum, Archives website and the MagicDuel Wikia Page.

Feel free to Contact Me about anything I post, or anything I don’t post!

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