The Github Noops Challenge

Github have created a number of challenges that encourage you to create something. Each challenge exposes an API with some options that you can customise.

One of the most basic API’s gives you a colour hex code. What you do with that is up to you. On the website they encourage you to experiment with the API’s and use them to try something new.

They called it Noops after the “no op” instruction that exist in many instruction architectures. This instruction would typically be a placeholder to do nothing. Since the API’s do nothing they called them the Noops challenge.

My Noops Challenges

  • Hexbot - In the Noops challenge the Hexbot API returns a random hex code. I decided to make it display the colour and a variety of different permutations of the colour. Read more about the hex bot in my blog.
  • Vexbot - This is currently being worked on and is currently not finished.