About me


When I find time I like to document my out of work accomplishments. Currently I am documenting my Raspberry Pi Cluster project.

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Professional life

A few words about my skills and qualifications

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Much of the work I do outside of work I put online. The main place I use to upload code is GitHub.

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D3.js tutorials and projects

One of hobbies is working with data and creating interesting and useful visualizations. To display such data on websites I typically use D3.js. Here I have curated some of my projects and tutorials on D3.js

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HTML5 Canvas tutorials and projects

I am also learning to use the HTML5 canvas. These pages show examples and tutorials of my canvas experiments.

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Github Noops Challenges

During the Github Summer 2019 Noops challange I participated and completed a number of projects.

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Raspberry Pi cluster

Raspberry Pi cluster Currently I am working on a Raspberry Pi cluster experiment with distributed computing.

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IoT sensor networks

One of my side projects is developing a sensor network that can produce interesting data. Currently I am reviewing and adding code snippets for their use.

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