Introducing the Pokemon Go API “Does it Nest?” Page

This blog post talks about the “Does It Nest?” page on and how you can easily find whether something nests without the API.

Does it Nest?

Previously I have talked about releasing the nesting API for but up until now there has not been an easy way to access it.

To resolve this issue I have created a simple visualization to show what Pokemon nest and what don’t.

You can now visit The “Does it Nest?” page on to check what Pokemon nest.

Plans for future improvements

Currently, this is a simple page showing each Pokemon and whether it nests or not. However I want to improve it to make it more useful. Future plans for this webpage are:

  • Sortable Pokemon List – Sorting by type, nesting status, name
  • Searchable Pokemon List – If you are checking for a specific Pokemon it’s easier to enter it than scroll
  • Linkable Page – Once you have found the Pokemon and whether it nests you may want to share it! Having a simple link to click will ease information distribution.

Feel free to give feedback as before on Twitter, email, or in the comment section here. Im open to all ideas at improving it.

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