Cookie Clicker AutoHotkey Script for Clicking

Cookie Clicker AutoHotkey Script for Clicking

This post talks about the simple AutoHotkey script I have written for clicking repeatedly for Cookie Clicker.

AutoHotkey and Cookie Clicker

AutoHotkey is a scripting language for Windows that allows automation of the mouse and keyboard. The AutoHotkey scripting toolkit can be downloaded from their website.

Cookie Clicker is an online “idle game” where the objective is to progress through clicking repeatedly and idling it in your browser. Since you can progress faster by clicking faster, a script to click can help progress much faster than normal rates.

Creating the AutoHotkey Script to click

To progress faster I want my AutoHotkey script to click repeatedly until turned off.

The below script will continue to “click” once the F8 key is pressed. Pressing the F8 key again will stop clicking. During this time the mouse can be moved like normal which will not stop the clicking.

SetDefaultMouseSpeed, 0
SetBatchLines, -1
ListLines, Off

  bFlag := !bFlag
  While bFlag

I have saved this script in a .ahk file which can be double clicked on to start the script once AutoHotkey is installed.

This can help in both Cookie Clicker and many other idle type games. This script can be used by anyone and is licensed under the standard MIT license

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