Pokemon Go API – Type Effectiveness API

This post talks about the newest Pokemon Go API, the Type Effectiveness API at pogoapi.net.

Pokemon Type Effectiveness

When a Pokemon attacks, a multiplier is applied based on the attacker and defender types. This type effectiveness is very important to help deal the most damage as possible in raids and pvp.

Some types will be super effective towards others, doing increased damage to the type. Others will not be very effective reducing the total damage taken.

The default multiplier for attacking is 1, a neutral multiplier, whereby the effect is not boosted or reduced.

Ideally in combat you will want to ensure you use the most effective type possible.

Getting the Pokemon Types Effectiveness data

This API returns the damage multiplier based on the attacking type against a defender type.

GET /api/v1/type_effectiveness.json

Returns a JSON dict where each key is the attacking type and the value is a dict of defender types and the damage multiplier.

Example data

    "Bug": {
        "Bug": "1",
        "Dark": "1.6",
        "Dragon": "1",
        "Electric": "1",
        "Fairy": "0.625",
        "Fighting": "0.625",
        "Fire": "0.625",
        "Flying": "0.625",
        "Ghost": "0.625",
        "Grass": "1.6",
        "Ground": "1",
        "Ice": "1",
        "Normal": "1",
        "Poison": "0.625",
        "Psychic": "1.6",
        "Rock": "1",
        "Steel": "0.625",
        "Water": "1"
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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