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This post talks about the newest Pokemon Go API, the Pokemon Rarity API at pogoapi.net.

Pokemon Rarity Information

Pokemon are split up into 3 rarity types. These are Standard, Legendary, and Mythic.

Typically Legendary and Mythic Pokemon have different trading rules along with a much higher buddy walking distance.

Since Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are typically stronger but it is much harder to get candy to power them up it may be useful to use this API to group them.

A Pokemon of Standard rarity may be weaker in raid battles however it may be significantly easier to obtain their candy to power them up.

Getting Pokemon Rarity data

This API details how what rarity ranking Pokemon Go places each Pokemon in.

GET /api/v1/pokemon_rarity.json

Returns a JSON dict where each key is the rarity type and the value is a list of dicts containing the details of Pokemon in that rarity group.

Each Pokemon dict has the pokemon_id, pokemon_name and rarity inside it for ease of processing.

Example data

    "Legendary": [
            "pokemon_id": 144,
            "pokemon_name": "Articuno",
            "rarity": "Legendary"
            "pokemon_id": 145,
            "pokemon_name": "Zapdos",
            "rarity": "Legendary"
            "pokemon_id": 146,
            "pokemon_name": "Moltres",
            "rarity": "Legendary"
        }, ...
    ], ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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