Pokemon Go API – Powerup Requirements API

This post talks about the newest Pokemon Go API, the Powerup Requirements API at pogoapi.net.

Powerup Requirements

To power up a pokemon you need to pay some stardust and candy. Each time you power up a Pokemon you increase its level by a half.

Pokemon can be powered up to two levels higher than your level, to a max level of 40.

Getting the Powerup Requirements data

This API details how much it will cost to power up a Pokemon each level.

GET /api/v1/pokemon_powerup_requirements.json

Returns a JSON dict where each key is the current level and the value is dictionary containing the cost of powering up a Pokemon at that level.

Each powerup dict contains the candy to upgrade, the stardust to upgrade, the current level and the next level.

Example data

    "1": {
        "candy_to_upgrade": "1",
        "current_level": 1,
        "level_after_powering": 1.5,
        "stardust_to_upgrade": "200"
    "1.5": {
        "candy_to_upgrade": "1",
        "current_level": 1.5,
        "level_after_powering": 2.0,
        "stardust_to_upgrade": "200"
    "2": {
        "candy_to_upgrade": "1",
        "current_level": 2,
        "level_after_powering": 2.5,
        "stardust_to_upgrade": "200"
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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