Pokemon Go API – Go Battle League Rewards API

This post talks about the latest API I have added to PoGoAPI.net, the Go Battle League Rewards API.

What is the Go Battle League Rewards API

When battling in the Go Battle League you are asked to complete a number of matches. After each match, if successful, you can claim the next reward you are owed.

Depending on the rank you are currently in, and whether you are on the free or premium track you will receive a different reward.

The current maximum rewards you can claim are five which is possible if you win all five matches. However it appears that the game master has up to 8 rewards currently possible although the last three are not claimable due to the maximum number of 5 matches.

Getting the Go Battle League Rewards API data

This API returns currently available rewards for completing a set of battles in a Go Battle League for both free and premium tracks.

GET /api/v1/levelup_rewards.json

This API is a dict where the keys are the Go Battle rank and the values are the different tracks. The track values are a dict with the keys free, premium and rank. Rank is the rank that the tracks relate to, free and premium are an array of awards that you will receive by winning battles.

For each track there are a few different types of objects which relate to the type of reward. Each object has a type field, which relates to the reward type it will give. Each type field will have different keys based on the information.

  • type:stardust – If type is set to stardust there will be another key “amount” which has the amount of stardust received
  • type:item_from_pool – If type is set to item_from_pool there will be no other keys. A random item will be selected from the pool of possible items.
  • type:pokemon_from_pool – If type is set to pokemon_from_pool there will be no other keys. A Pokemon is chosen from the pool of available Pokemon which will either be a random Pokemon or a guaranteed one.
  • type:item – If type is set to item there will be two more keys, item_name and amount. You will always be given the fixed number of the named item.

Example data

    "1": {
        "free": [
            { "amount": 300, "type": "stardust" },
            { "type": "item_from_pool" },
            { "type": "pokemon_from_pool" },
            { "amount": 3, "item_name": "Rare Candy", "type": "item" },
            { "amount": 600, "type": "stardust" },
            { "amount": 1000, "type": "stardust" },
            { "amount": 1000, "type": "stardust" },
            { "amount": 1000, "type": "stardust" }
        "premium": [ ... ],
        "rank": 1
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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