Pokemon Go API – Raid Settings API

This post talks about the latest API I have added to PoGoAPI.net, the Raid Settings API.

What is the Raid Settings API

In Pokemon Go gyms will sometimes spawn raids which allow multiple players to fight a raid boss.

The settings for Pokemon Go raids are encoded into the app and this API provides a simple view of the current raid settings.

Getting the Raid Settings data

This API returns the game master settings for Pokemon Go raids which dictate some important features of raids.

GET /api/v1/raid_settings.json

Returns a JSON object with the following keys:

  • friend_invite_cooldown_duration – The time in milliseconds you will need to wait between inviting more people to the raid lobby
  • friend_invite_cutoff_time – The time in seconds before the raid where you will not be able to invite people
  • friends_can_be_invited_in_person – Boolean indicating whether friends can be invited when raiding in person
  • friends_can_be_invited_remotely – Boolean indicating whether friends can be invited when raiding with a remote pass (not invited)
  • max_friend_invites_per_invite – The maximum number of friends you can invite with one invite selection
  • max_friend_invites_per_raid – The maximum number of friends a player can invite per raid
  • max_players_per_raid – The maximum number of players that can be in a raid at once
  • max_remote_players_per_raid – The maximum number of players who can be in a raid remotely at once
  • max_remote_raid_passes – The maximum number of remote raid passes someone can hold before being banned from buying any more (note it is currently possible to hold more if you buy a number when you are under the limit)
  • min_player_level_for_remote_raids – The minimum level to access remote raiding in Pokemon Go
  • remote_damage_modifier – A decimal representing the damage modifier applied to remote raiders. It has been announced that remote raiders will in the future do less damage than someone in person
  • remote_raids_enabled – Boolean indicating whether remote raiding is currently available

Example data

    "friend_invite_cooldown_duration": 30000,
    "friend_invite_cutoff_time": 20,
    "friends_can_be_invited_in_person": true,
    "friends_can_be_invited_remotely": true,
    "max_friend_invites_per_invite": 5,
    "max_number_of_friend_invites": 5,
    "max_players_per_raid": 20,
    "max_remote_players_per_raid": 10,
    "max_remote_raid_passes": 3,
    "min_player_level_for_remote_raids": 5,
    "remote_damage_modifier": 1.0,
    "remote_raids_enabled": true

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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