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This post talks about the newest Pokemon Go API, the PVP Charged Move API at pogoapi.net.

PVP Charged moves in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go there are two different types of moves, fast moves and charged moves. Charged moves can only be used when the special bar showing the energy is charged up. Once it is charged enough for the move it can be used by pressing the charged button.

These moves are the stronger of the two and will be critical to win or lose PVP battles. Instead of taking time like the non-pvp moves it lists the time taken in “turns”.

This API will give the full details of the charged move such as the power of the move, how long it takes to perform, and the energy requirements.

Getting the Charged Move details

Each Pokemon has a fast and charged move. This API allows you to download the full list of charged moves in the current Pokemon Go game master.

GET /api/v1/pvp_charged_moves.json

Note: This API provides the details of charged moves and their PVP related data which are slightly different from the move data used when raiding.

Returns a JSON array where each element is a dict containing the buffs (optional), energy_delta, move_id, name, power, turn_duration, and type.

  • buffs – A list of buffs or debuffs which will be applied once the move is performed (optional)
  • energy_delta – The change in energy after performing the move
  • move_id – The ID of the move in the game master
  • name – The name of the move (un-internationalized)
  • power – The strength of the move
  • turn_duration – The number of turns it takes to make the move (PVP works on a turn based system)
  • type – The type of the move

The buffs key is a dict with activation_chance and optionally the following keys target_defense_stat_stage_change, attacker_attack_stat_stage_change, target_attack_stat_stage_change, or attacker_defense_stat_stage_change.

  • activation_chance – The chance that the buff/debuff will activate every time the move is used. This goes from 0 to 1 where 0 never happens and 1 happens on every attack
  • target_attack_stat_stage_change – The amount of points to modify the target’s attack stage
  • target_defense_stat_stage_change – The amount of points to modify the targets defense stage
  • attacker_attack_stat_stage_change – The amount of points to modify the attackers attack stage
  • attacker_defense_stat_stage_change – The amount of points to modify the attackers defense stage

Example data

        "buffs": {
            "activation_chance": 0.3,
            "target_defense_stat_stage_change": -1
        "energy_delta": -60,
        "move_id": 49,
        "name": "Bug Buzz",
        "power": 90,
        "turn_duration": 1,
        "type": "Bug"
        "energy_delta": -35,
        "move_id": 50,
        "name": "Poison Fang",
        "power": 40,
        "turn_duration": 1,
        "type": "Poison"
        "buffs": {
            "activation_chance": 0.125,
            "attacker_attack_stat_stage_change": 2
        "energy_delta": -35,
        "move_id": 51,
        "name": "Night Slash",
        "power": 50,
        "turn_duration": 1,
        "type": "Dark"
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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