New D3.js part of my website

This post talks about the new D3.js part of my website and what I plan to do with it.

The website!

I have added a link on the homepage of my website to the new D3.js section. Here you will be able to view all my D3.js projects and tutorials.

The plan for the new section

I am planning to publish more of my D3.js work and creating small D3.js tutorials. Some of the future plans for this section of my website are:

  • Automatic Gantt charts from data structure
  • Pokemon Go account progress graphs
  • Pokemon cluster analysis
  • Pokemon Go Regional map

Currently, the planned ideas for work with D3.js are building tools which would be interesting to me personally.

The Pokemon Go related ideas are all projects I have noted that I would like to try building. Some of them aim to visually display some of the research done by other players and others to improve the tools my group are using.

Apart from the Pokemon Go work, I have a number of projects planned to make a Gannt chart library to show simple project plans.

I will be blogging as I add more content to this part of the site. If you have an idea I could work on or have any suggestions contact me or leave a comment below!

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