Fixing slow jittery jumping mouse in Awesomenauts

This blog post describes how you can fix a slow jittery jumping mouse in Awesomenauts.

What is happening to the mouse?

The main issue occurring is the mouse moving very slowly on the main screen. After a short time it will jump across the screen very fast. This will make the mouse look very jittery and jumpy and make it very hard to control.

The issue occurring is that the mouse position mapping is faulty and fails to properly calculate the movement.

This then means that the mouse moves very slowly to a point, whereby it moves very fast and uncontrollably across the screen.

I have seen that many users have reported this has started to occur after users have installed the Windows 10 Fall Creator Edition.

Fixing the Issue

To fix the issue you will need to change the graphics display option from “Fullscreen” to “Borderless Window”.

In “Borderless Window” mode the mouse calculates are performed correctly however you may find there is a performance impact.

The bug has been reported on the Awesomenauts forum however there has been no official response yet.

If you have any questions or if this fix worked for you please comment below.

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