MagicDuel – A different sort of game

Today I have written a short piece about a game I play and program for from time to time, MagicDuel.

Many years ago I found a small website that had great hand drawn artwork of a creature pulling something out of a box, inviting you to guess what was inside it. The game was apparently still being designed and would need beta testers. I attempted guessing what was inside “the password to the game” and bookmarked the site. Later on it turned out that i was the second closest to the right answer of “the game”.

Months later I found the site again in my bookmarks, and joined the forum and its small community. At that time I was the 19th account. Here the creator posted screenshots of the game and we discussed its plans.

I left the game for a time as it was still not playable and once again found it in my bookmarks and visited the site. This time the game was playable and I was the 40th account on the game.

Being able to talk to the developer of the game and discuss plans was some of the fun for me, we shaped our game.

Long story short, I opened my first account  6th July 2007 and am still playing to this day. Many things have changed and in that time I have went from a player, to forum mod, to live helper, to forum administrator, to running most of the games websites, and now I program for it from time to time.

Try it out, Come talk to me ingame, its shaped around the players, because we run it.

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