Unblocking Minecraft Server port 25565 on Fedora

This post describes how you can unblock port 25565 to allow Minecraft Server traffic through in the Fedora firewall.

Unblocking port 25565 so traffic can get through to Minecraft Server

By default Fedora has a firewall which blocks traffic reaching port 25565. This stops you from being able to access a Minecraft Server on this port from an external machine.

One of the ways to get around this is to forward port 25565 to another port that is accessible. However I wanted to use port 25565 for Minecraft Server so I had to change the firewall to make it accessible externally.

To disable this permanently and reload the firewall configuration so it’s immediately available you can run the following commands.

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=25565/tcp
systemctl restart firewalld

This adds an exception for the Minecraft Server service and unblocks port 25565 on a permanent basis.

This should ensure that even after reboots it should stay unblocked and means I can play Minecraft!

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