New IoT Sensors part of my website

This post talks about the new IoT sensors part of my website.

The new page on my website!

I have added a link on the homepage of my website to the new IoT Sensors section. Here I am linking to all my blog posts discussing various helpful IoT sensors and equipment reviews.

What is this page is going to include

Currently I have a list of sensors that I have reviewed on my blog. This shows the name and picture of each of the sensors reviewed. The linked blog posts include a full review including example code and a wiring diagram for most sensors.

As I write more blog posts they will be linked from this page to keep a comprehensive list of sensors I have reviewed.

I am planning on adding a short description to each of the sensors in the future and possibly grouping for each type of sensor. This will help look at specific types of sensors for your use case.

If there is a sensor you think I should review or have a suggestion contact me or leave a comment below.

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