How to set the Timezone on Ubuntu 18.04 Server

Today I am writing about how you can change the timezone on Ubuntu 18.04 Server.

Changing the Timezone

By default, the timezone will be configured when the server is installed. This will mean for the most part people will not need to change the timezone of the server.

However if the server is moved, or requires a change in timezone because it is not initially set up correctly you will want to change it.

The simplest way to change the timezone is to run the following command.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

This will take you through a series of menu’s which will help determine your region code and let you set it.

Changing other services that set the timezone

While this will set the machines timezone there may be services which allow the timezone to be specified on a per service basis.

You will want to do an inventory of the services running on your computer and make sure these are correctly configured too. As an example, if you have MySQL server installed you will want to make sure that has the correct timezone configured.

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