New Site

This blog post talks about a small new site I have set up for the Leighton Buzzard Pokemon Go Group, .

What is

After speaking to several members of the whatsapp admin team we decided we wanted a small website that we can point people too.

Once of the issues we found is that we wanted to squash a lot of information into the small whatsapp descriptions. So this meant I bought the domain and I set up the website.

In addition to the rules we wanted to add nest information and acronyms of the local gyms to the raid chat.

Current pages and objectives

At the moment the site is up with the basics of what we want to add on it. These include pages for:

  • Rules – A short description of the rules for the chat designed to clarify any questions about what we don’t permit.
  • Tools – A list of various tools and helpful websites that can be used to play Pokemon Go.
  • Gyms – A list of local gyms in Leighton buzzard including acronyms and link-able pages. This is especially useful as we can quickly link a member to a gym with a clickable link to open it in google maps.
  • Maps – A list of websites that have various maps we use to play the game.

Future Plans

We still haven’t entirely decided on how we will report nests as there are a couple options. Eventually we might suggest people use the Silph Road or make something on our site.

Check it out and if you have any suggestions or additional tools please contact me!

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