Splicing and Merging PDF’s with PDFsam

Today I talk about a new tool found to splice and merge PDF files.

Why you might need to splice and merge PDF’s

Depending how you produce your PDF’s you might need to tweak them slightly. My use case for this was when I made several PDF’s which needed to be merged into a single one.

Sadly the industry standard Adobe tooling requires a purchase for each individual feature. While the features are relatively expansive, I rarely work with PDF’s so I didn’t want to upgrade.

PDFsam to the rescue

One of the really nice features of PDFsam is that its basic version is open source.

This means that their base product which features a large number of PDF editing tools is free to use.

This allowed me to modify and tweak the PDF’s before sending them out.

If you need a free PDF tool which can split or merge PDF’s together I would recommend PDFsam.

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