Pokemon Go API – Adding Alolan Shinies

This post talks about the new field of the Shiny API of PoGoAPI.net.

Alolan Shinies

Now it is possible to find shiny variants of the released Alolan Pokemon. These Pokemon can be found in the wild, from 7k eggs and in raids.

These shiny pokemon have similar rates to normal shinies so it will still be rare to find one.

Modifying the Shiny API

The Shiny API previously documented now has a new field alolan_shiny.

For Pokemon that can be found in the Alolan form this will either be true or false. If the Pokemon is not found in the wild as an Alolan form it will not have this field.

For those Alolan pokemon that can be found as shiny the field will be set to true, otherwise it will be false.

Since this is only adding a new field this will not increment the version field. However I am considering a v2 for this API if more forms are available as shiny.

However since the raid and egg shiny data is quite old I am considering moving this data out into another field to state how you can find the Pokemon.

An Example of the field

Below is an example of the field for Rattata.

{ ...,
    19: {
        alolan_shiny: true,
        found_egg: false,
        found_evolution: false,
        found_raid: false,
        found_wild: true,
        id: 19,
        name: "Rattata"
    }, ...

If you think there is something else that could be added, feel free to comment below.

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