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This post talks about the latest API I have added to PoGoAPI.net, the Mega Pokemon API.

What is the Mega Pokemon API

Some Pokemon have the ability to “Mega Evolve” into a stronger form using a temporary evolution. To evolve into the Mega form this requires Mega Energy which is obtained by raiding against Mega Pokemon.

The first time you evolve a Pokemon into its Mega form the energy requirements will be high. Any subsequent Mega Evolutions will have a discounted cost.

Mega forms typically have much stronger stats than the standard forms and boost all Pokemon when used in a raid. Pokemon using moves of the same type as the mega evolved form also are further boosted.

Getting the Mega Pokemon API

This API returns all possible Mega Pokemon, their stats, typing, and ultra candy needed to evolve them.

GET /api/v1/mega_pokemon.json

This return an array of dicts with the following keys:

  • first_time_mega_energy_required – The amount of mega energy required to evolve to the Mega form the first time
  • form – The form of Mega, some Mega Pokemon have multiple forms
  • mega_name – The “common” name of the Mega form, typically “Mega” plus the original Pokemon name
  • pokemon_id – The ID of the Pokemon
  • pokemon_name – The name of the Pokemon
  • stats – A dictionary of stats of the Pokemon with the keys base_attack, base_defense and base_stamina
  • type – The type of the Mega Form of the Pokemon
  • mega_energy_required – The amount of mega energy required to evolve to the Mega form once it has already been done once

Example data

        "first_time_mega_energy_required": 200,
        "form": "Normal",
        "mega_energy_required": 50,
        "mega_name": "Mega Venusaur",
        "pokemon_id": 3,
        "pokemon_name": "Venusaur",
        "stats": {
            "base_attack": 241,
            "base_defense": 246,
            "base_stamina": 190
        "type": [
        "first_time_mega_energy_required": 200,
        "form": "X",
        "mega_energy_required": 50,
        "mega_name": "Mega Charizard X",
        "pokemon_id": 6,
        "pokemon_name": "Charizard",
        "stats": {
            "base_attack": 273,
            "base_defense": 213,
            "base_stamina": 186
        "type": [
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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