Pokemon Go API – Level Up API

This post talks about the latest API I have added to PoGoAPI.net, the Level Up API.

What is the Level Up API

Every time you reach the next level in Pokemon Go you are given a small reward package for doing so.

In addition to this, you potentially unlock new items that can be received during the game.

Getting the Level Up API data

This API returns the rewards given for levelling up and notes any items that have been unlocked by reaching the level.

GET /api/v1/levelup_rewards.json

Returns a JSON array of objects. Each object will have the keys items_received, level, and may have unlocked_items.

Example data

        "items_received": [
                "amount_received": 20,
                "item": "Poke Ball"
                "amount_received": 10,
                "item": "Potion"
                "amount_received": 10,
                "item": "Revive"
                "amount_received": 1,
                "item": "Incense"
        "level": 5,
        "unlocked_items": [
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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