Introducing the Pokemon Go Data API –

This post introduces the Pokemon Go API website, and what I plan to do with it.

Whats the website?!

I started to play around with some data visualization and tools to help play Pokemon Go. However I couldn’t find the information I wanted easily. Lists of information is available on Reddit but never in an easy to use, programmatic form.

Therefore here comes! As I find information that would be useful to access and present as an API I will expose this data and post about it. The idea is to create a selection of helpful API’s that people can use to query information from Pokemon Go.

What will be the format of the API’s?

I plan for the API’s to be unauthenticated JSON REST API’s which will allow many languages to easily query the data contained within.

Internally the data will be stored using either flat JSON, a document store, or a standard relational database. This will depend on the nature of the API. If the API provides the ability to filter or query on the data, a database or document store may be more useful.

I am going to cache all static API endpoints to speed up the API’s. This is because they won’t need to query the data stores.

Will there be anything other than API’s?

One of the different things I will include on the website is some examples about how you can use the endpoints. This will mean that users can more easily use the API’s by using the provided code to access the API.

In addition to providing API’s I will also be using it to host my various Pokemon Go programming projects. I have some plans for some useful Pokemon Go tools that I wish to publish. I am also looking to be able to use some of the API’s to show interesting data.

As some of these are produced I will blog about them here and include information about how they were made.

What Now?

The website is now officially online, over the coming days I hope to be able to publish the first API on the website. From then I will have to see what I can work on and what I produce.


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