Helping the Silph Road as a Pokemon Go Researcher

Here I talk about what I do as a Silph Road Researcher in the Pokemon Go Community.

What is the Silph Road?

The Silph Road is a group of Pokemon Go players who contribute data and produce publications detailing how Pokemon Go works.

They typically focus on researching areas which are not documented on the official Pokemon Go website or in the game.

One such recently updated project that I contributed to was to find out how raid rewards are distributed. We collected a large amount of data about raid rewards received by players and the researchers used this to work out the pattern of rewards. The full publication and details conclusions obtained from this data gathering is available on the Silph road website.

The projects the Silph road focus on are those that take a large amount of data to accurately determine the results to. By being better informed about how Pokemon Go works people can understand what they can do to achieve their goals.

What is a Silph researcher

A researcher is a member of the Silph road group who contributes data towards one or many projects. At any one time there is typically a number of projects running to collect data, depending on your level involvement you can select the project which works for you.

Researchers are trusted with keeping the information collected relating to the project private until the Silph Road group have formally published the data. This is important so that misinformation is not spread and the information released through the group is trustworthy.

How you can join

Anyone can join if you can donate a couple minutes of your time each day to the project.

In the Silph researcher group, there is a number of projects which will require different pieces of data to be collected.

Once you have joined you will be able to read through the projects to decide where you can help. Some projects will require more or less time to work on collecting the data so you can choose what fits your play style.

As ever the community is friendly and welcome to all questions so if you are unsure pop onto the Silph road discord and ask your questions.

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