Pokemon Go API – Combat Points (CP) Multiplier API

This post talks about the latest API I have added to PoGoAPI.net, the Combat Points (CP) Multiplier API.

What the CP Multiplier API can be used for

For each level and half level the Combat Points of a Pokemon is defined by its stats, level and a hidden multiplier.

Using this multiplier and the stats of the Pokemon you can work out its CP at any level. Currently the Maximum level of a Pokemon is level 40 or level 41 if it is your best buddy powered up to level 40.

However the CP Multiplier is now currently defined up to level 45 so this may change in the future.

Getting the CP Multiplier Values

This multiplier is defined in the GAME_MASTER for every level up to 45. Half levels up to 40 are calculated from observing various CP values.

Half levels between 40 and 45 are roughly calculated using interpolation and may not be entirely correct.

GET /api/v1/cp_multiplier.json

Returns a JSON array of objects, the values of the array are an object with the keys level and multiplier.

Example data

        "level": 1,
        "multiplier": 0.09399999678134918
        "level": 1.5,
        "multiplier": 0.1351374313235283
        "level": 2.0,
        "multiplier": 0.16639786958694458
    }, ...

The full documentation is available on the PoGoAPI.net documentation page.

If you have any questions about this API or suggestions for other API’s contact me here below or on Twitter!

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