Fixing register_http_request_failed error on wordpress Jetpack

I finally got around to fixing WordPress Jetpack plugin!

This tool is a useful plugin that allows you to add a large amount of functionality that is turned on by default on accounts. This was something i was really interested in getting working because i wanted some more stats and other things.

Sadly when i installed the plugin on my host it gave errors when connecting my account saying “register_http_request_failed”

Not to be deterred, after much i found my was to install the Core-Control plugin. Once this was installed i went to Tools, Core-Control and activated “HTTP Access Module”. Once this was active it gave me an “External HTTP Access” tab. After turning off cURL by pressing “Disable Transport Method” the Jetpack plugin connected to WordPress successfully.

Hopefully this will resolve some people’s problems with this, if they were getting any issues, if anyone else has other issues, feel free to leave a comment!


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