Fixing Twitch Minecraft Launcher only showing white or white screen

This blog post describes how you can fix the Twitch Minecraft Launcher only showing a white or black screen.

Minecraft launcher showing white or black screen

This blog post aims to fix the issue where the Twitch Minecraft launcher only shows a black or white screen. This prevents Twitch from properly launching Minecraft.

Example of bug showing the Minecraft launcher with a white screen

Fixing the issue of white/black Minecraft launcher

To fix this issue we can force Twitch to load Minecraft using the jar launcher. We can set this option in the Twitch settings.

To enter the Twitch setting we need to select the Twitch menu on the top left and then press File -> Settings.

This loads the below settings interface.


Along the left hand side you will want to select the Minecraft option. Here we change the Launch method to “Jar Launcher”.

Once this has been selected you can press “Done” and launch Minecraft.

When the Jar launcher pops up it may show a popup with the title “Outdated launcher”.

This is because it detects that you were using the newer Minecraft Launcher. For this fix to work you will need to press “I’m sure. Reset my settings.”.

Once this is done you may need to log into Minecraft. Once this is done you will be able to play Minecraft as normal.

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