I’m Participating in Advent of Code 2019

This post talks about my participation in the Advent of Code competition 2019.

What is Advent of Code

Advent of code is a set of programming puzzles that slowly increase in complexity.

Every day during advent a new puzzle is released which has two parts. The first part is typically an introduction to the puzzle. The second part will normally be an expansion on the first, with the complexity increasing.

Each days puzzle includes a few small examples which let you test your solution. These are provided so that you can test your solution on a few smaller examples.

Ideally if your problem works on the smaller examples it should work on the final problem. These smaller examples are easier to debug than the more complex final problem.

Once you have generated an answer you are able to submit the result and check to see if it is correct.

The aim of the challange is to find interesting solutions to the puzzle. You are able to solve the problem in any programming language you choose.

My Advent of Code 2019

I will be publishing all my solutions on GitHub for anyone to read and review. You can find this here:


Each day I will be publishing my solutions with the tests associated with them. I have chosen to program my solutions in Java.

In addition to this I have created a private leaderboard with my company. We have a number of people competing to see who can finish the most challenges.

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